Stage 1

Qualification: ‘the APPROACH

Complete our online selection process to see if you qualify.

If you meet ALL the criteria and you are interested in a flying career, proceed to Stage 2.

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Stage 2

Application: ‘the CHECK-IN

Fill in our Online Application Form – if it is felt you are suitable, you will be contacted within 24hrs and offered an Interview at a City near you.

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Stage 3

Interview: the SECURITY CHECK

Recruitment Days are held all over Europe every week – (see our list – we will try to facilitate you if your city is not on the list). Complete written English tests, followed by an interview with Crewlink (If you have any questions, this is the time to ask them). You will be contacted within 5 – 7 days to let you know if you have been accepted for training. If accepted, you can start Crewlinks’ residential training course at the Hahn Training Centre (HTC).

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Stage 4

Training Course: the PRE-FLIGHT CHECKS’

– preparing you for ‘Take Off’

This is a 6-week, full-time, residential course held at our specialised Training Centre. Everything you need – study materials, manuals, Cabin Trainer, emergency training facilities, catering facilities and comfortable accommodation – are all on campus. The Cabin Trainer and specialised training rooms are within 100 metres of your accommodation so there are no problems with travel or transport. Crewlink staff are on hand to support you and help you succeed.

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Stage 5

Exams and Qualification: the CLEARANCE’

All tests and final exams are held in the HTC. Results are given by your Instructor on the same day – no waiting! 96% of Crewlink trainees Pass! Our careful selection process gives you the best start.

Wings to Fly

It’s time for ‘TAKE OFF’ – Graduation Day! You will be presented with your Wings, your Certificate, your Uniform and your Base. Crewlink will be with you on Graduation Day – the start of your new flying career.

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