Testimonial Susana Gouveia

Testimonial Susana Gouveia

Today was one of the most rewarding days of my life. After 6 weeks of hard work I finally got it. My wings!! It took a lot of work but it totally worth it!!

 When I first arrive to Hahn I was both excited and scared but, it all went away when I met my colleagues and started the course. It is an intensive one and you really need to pull it off but I loved every moment of it.

Frazer, our instructor, was excellent and did everything that he could to help us and try to get us to this day. I thank him a lot not only in my name but on behalf of all my colleagues!

Today I am ready to start a new stage in my life with a career that always enchanted me. And I advice all people that have the same feeling to go with it. Crewlink is an excellent company and all personnel are very helpful in every issue that you may have.

Besides the excellent quality of the training course in this 6 weeks I also saw tears, smiles, good and less good moments, but most of all I saw friendship. I met many cultures and many new people that in theend turn into my good friends!

Tomorrow I fly to Stansted to start this new chapter of my life and I really going to miss this here. But I know that a better experience await for me there and I am going to love working for Ryanair!

I had the best of times here in Hahn!! Thanks to Ryanair and Crewlink!

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