Testimonial Corey Seagrim-Froud

I first applied for Crewlink in January 2011 - they got back to me within a few days and told me I had been selected for interview at the Radisson Blu Hotel, London Stansted Airport. The Assessment Day consisted of a lot of information about Ryanair and Crewlink and what to expect and what would be expected of me. At the interview I was asked a few questions about myself and told more about the job. Crewlink emailed me about a week later telling me that i had been successful. I was over the moon when I found out, I paid my deposit straight away and that got the ball rolling. I was liaising with the Crewlink staff all the time and they sent me the forms I needed to fill out. My flights and accommodation were booked by Crewlink. I travelled up to Stansted airport and got my flight to Frankfurt-Hahn.

When I arrived at Frankfurt-Hahn I was greeted by someone from Crewlink and told everything I needed to know about my accommodation, my training schedule and everything about the local area. I then started the training course which was fun. We did approximately 4 weeks in the classroom completing daily tests and being taught everything we needed to know. We then completed a week in the Cabin Trainer which put it all into perspective, but when we did our aircraft visits it all made sense. During the aircraft visits you get to touch and do everything including operating the Air stairs,and going into the flight deck. I finally sat my conversion exam and passed with 99% first time which I was very pleased about!! I was then given my uniform and my roster for the first month.

I flew out of Frankfurt-Hahn to London Stansted the day after receiving my wings. Once I arrived I had time to settle into the area. I had my base visit once I had been there for 2 days then flew our supernumerary flights the same day. For my supernumerary’s I went to Brno (Czech Republic) and Girona Airport - Barcelona (Spain) and I did a bit of everything during the flights just so i could get to grips with how everything works.

I’m now flying full time out of London Stansted with Ryanair and I love every moment of it. Hahn Training Centre was a great place to train and I met some lovely people. I would certainly recommend it to my friends.

Corey Seagrim-Froud

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